Welcome to Dynacorp Engineering Pvt. Ltd., a leader in innovative oil dispensing and filling solutions. Our products include automatic lube dispensers, automatic engine oil dispensers, grease dispensers, vacuum coolant filling machines, automotive oil dispensing machines.

Explore our wide range of high-quality oil management systems, from automotive oil dispensers to complete dispensing solutions, approved by legal metrology in India conforming to highest measurement standards.

Oil Dispensing Machines for Automotive Workshops

The OriLink® system is an advanced “Oil Management System” (OMS) also known as “Computerised Lube Management System” (CLMS) with no upper limit for the number of reels, oil grades, or reels used simultaneously. The Master Master design with a modular architecture has been adopted in the oil dispensing system.


Industrial Oil Dispensing Machines

Dynacorp manufactures Oil dispensing, Grease dispensing, Coolant dispensing, DEF/Adblue dispensing, Windshield fluids dispensing mahines. These oil filling machines are based on technology from Alentec & Orion AB Sweden. These machines are extremely accurate and can be integrated with PLC’s, Barcode readers, RFID readers, Printers etc.


Compressed Air solutions

Dynacorp offers ELGi make a wide range of Rotary Screw Compressors & Reciprocating Air Compressors known for their reliability and ruggedness. We offer both Lubricated and Oil-free compressors. Accessories like Refrigerant Driers, Air receivers and filters are also available with us.